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We are a company dedicated to the design, construction, installation and operation of telecommunications and computer systems, integrating technologies on the "Turnkey" concept. We guarantee high performance solutions and specialize in the use of fiber optics for the design and execution of the projects we manage.

Established in 1996, our organization is currently a fully Cuban-owned commercial company and is integrated into the Informatics and Communications Enterprise Group (GEIC, in Spanish).

Cubatel s.a. provides excellent services based on the requirements of the NC ISO 9001: 2015 and mitigates the impact caused by the provision of these on the environment, thereby guaranteeing leadership in the sector, based on the continuous improvement of its processes and adjustment to the technical requirements applicable to telecommunications, nationally and internationally.

Our mission

We offer technical services with high professional benefits for the development and modernization of telecommunications and computer networks, aimed at satisfying the needs of national and foreign clients.

Our vision

We are an entity of national excellence in Information Technology and Communications, committed to the computerization of society, providing high quality communications services. We build and operate infrastructure necessary for telecommunications, expanding to all markets.

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We manage the national sale and export of services determining the needs of the client; as well as the purchase of raw materials and materials for the execution of the projects.
Design and Project

Design and Project

We offer projection, design and project development, detail engineering and integrated project management services for computer systems, links and networks, telecommunications, telecontrol, telecommand, telemanagement and tele surveillance. This service includes the following activities:
Technological Civil Works Execution

Technological Civil Works Execution

We execute Technological Civil Works projects for the installation of Fiber Optic networks. This service includes the following activities:
Communications System modernization
Digitalización de las comunicaciones en provincias cubanas
Communications System modernization
Installation of external fiber optic networks

Installation of external fiber optic networks

Execute installation and commissioning projects of external fiber optic networks. This service includes the activities:
Digitalización de las comunicaciones en provincias cubanas
Instalación de cableado estructurado
Equipment Installation and Configuration

Equipment Installation and Configuration

We provide professional services for the installation of telecommunications equipment to customers, through the following activities:
Technical assistance

Technical assistance

We offer technical assistance to solve the failures presented by customers. This service includes the activities:
Asesoría en la modernización de redes de telecomunicaciones para CANTV
Communications System modernization
Installation of internal networks

Installation of internal networks

We execute and install New Interior Networks, through the activities:
Air Copper Outdoor Network Installation

Air Copper Outdoor Network Installation

We execute projects for the installation of external copper networks, which includes the activities described below:
Telecommunications Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance

Telecommunications Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance

Since 2012 this process, undertaken by Cubatel s.a. With the IACC, it has allowed the convergence of all the data traffic that is required to guarantee the operation of all the airport facilities of the country, it also ensures the operation of the computer systems of all the entities that are part


Physical Telecommunications Infrastructure: Its Evolution and Challenges

May, 28th, 2021 The telecommunications infrastructure is the set of technical means and facilities that allow the development of telecommunications […]

May, 28th, 2021

The telecommunications infrastructure is the set of technical means and facilities that allow the development of telecommunications services. It is essential for the development and consolidation of the Digital Ecosystem, on which we are increasingly dependent due to its link with the optimization of processes, both in organizational environments and in the private sphere. It is made up of connections that range from international links to user access networks. The most common technologies used are fiber optics, microwaves, satellite links, wired or wireless fixed accesses and mobile accesses.

In recent years, connectivity facilities have grown from anywhere in the world with a growing demand for content, in quantity and quality, especially high definition video, this constitutes a great challenge facing telecommunications networks. The accelerated development of electronics, with a high degree of minimization of components, is marking the availability of a wide variety of devices, portable and fixed, that allow viewing content of ever greater resolution. The trend towards what we call the Internet of Things (IoT) joins this demand, and in the future, in addition, augmented reality and virtual reality can further increase the current needs of bandwidth in the networks.

Together, these elements have motivated the emergence of New Generation Networks, NGN for its acronym in English, and are the main factors that have driven the need to develop and deploy fifth generation (5G) mobile networks.

In the current environment, the challenges are increasingly growing, with an exponential growth in the demand for network resources being evident, exacerbated by the also vertiginous development of applications and software, which must be maintained in the coming years. In this sense, the Software Defined Networks,

SDN for its acronym in English, gain more notoriety in their use and development. The use of this alternative provides, among other advantages, agility and flexibility, since it allows communications companies to deploy applications, services and infrastructures to achieve the objectives demanded by customers in the shortest possible time, without affecting quality.

In order to promote the development of the Digital Society, it is important to have access networks that guarantee the demands of the applications and services that are being implemented in very diverse environments. The current protagonists are access networks with 5G technology. The use of this technology allows the connection points to be expanded exponentially, to more and more devices. For the management of this large number of users and their satisfaction, in addition to the existence of data centers, a large number of antennas will also be required.

But we cannot think that everything is based on wireless or mobility connection requirements, there are also fixed applications and services, in home and business environments, that require high capacities in data flows and low latencies, for their correct operation. The most suitable access network solutions to respond to these needs are those based on fiber optic cables (FO) due to their main physical characteristics: Bandwidth greater than Tbps. Low attenuation by distance Low production costs. Excellent robustness to interference. Not affected by humidity.

The conditions imposed by the incidence of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, raised challenges for communications companies, which have become changes and opportunities. Telecommunications quickly became a vital and indispensable tool in supporting the mobility of economies. This implied that new solutions for telecommunications infrastructures emerged as a necessity, to support new technologies and applications. The areas that benefited the most from these changes were health and education, among others.

Most of the telecommunications companies in the world have opted to implement more and more, the FTTx (Fiber to the X) networks, being FTTH (Home), FTTC (Corner), FTTB (Building) and FTTA (Apartment). Undoubtedly, this deployment obeys the aforementioned aspects and amplified in times of pandemic. Access to quality telecommunications services from home is increasingly a requirement to maintain the standards required to maintain “home offices”, a modality that arrived and is predicted to remain, due to the advantages that it has provided. evidenced for companies, highlighting even greater and better results linked to employee flexibilities, which have led to greater productivity in the positions that can be used in this modality. As much as wireless networks evolve and there is a significant deployment of mobile networks, with data handling possibilities with high quality standards, in the end all this data ends up passing through a fiber optic network. The radioelectric spectrum is limited, it is not a resource with high availability, we can have areas covered wirelessly, but by concentrating high levels of service demands, they sacrifice quality to be able to give access to all users, even excess traffic can lead to collapse. Therefore, it is advisable to bring access as close to the end user as does not jeopardize the quality or stability of the service.

Access networks are part of the telecommunications infrastructure, their implementation with physical connections implies higher costs and efforts than wireless connections, but it has trade-offs that allow a safe return on investment in relatively short terms. The deployment of both solutions must go hand in hand, one does not deny the other, we can deploy wireless solutions ensuring that they are supported by sufficient physical connections to guarantee the quality and security expected by customers.

In our country, the communications policy pursues a sustainable development of the number of broadband accesses in the coming years. The accelerated deployment of mobile accesses is encouraged and in turn contemplates the growth of fixed access networks, with the use of fiber optics. The Cuban Society for Telecommunications, Cubatel S.A. has established alliances with the Cuban Telecommunications Company, ETECSA, to jointly carry out the deployment of telecommunications infrastructure that is required to achieve the computerization goals of Cuban society, established in the country's

Strategic Plan until 2030. From the management point of view, for the company Cubatel S.A., in addition to constituting a commitment, it is a great challenge. It implies a redesign of its structure to be able to face the magnitude of the market that lies ahead. Its experience and prestige acquired in more than 25 years since it was founded, make it possessor of organizational values, which will allow it to identify and implement the necessary adjustments without trauma for the organization, taking into account the parameters of division of labor and its coordination, with a adequate observance of the five mechanisms to carry it out successfully and maintain coherence between the components of the company.

By Leonardo Vázquez Figueredo

President of Cubatel S.A.

Cubatel S.A. on the International Day of Telecommunications and the Information Society

May, 17th, 2021 The purpose of the International Telecommunications and Information Society Day is to increase awareness about the possibilities […]

May, 17th, 2021

The purpose of the International Telecommunications and Information Society Day is to increase awareness about the possibilities offered by the use of the Internet and other information and communication technologies (ICT) for societies and economies, thereby influencing reducing the digital divide.

On this date, Cubatel S.A. maintains the commitment assumed to continue contributing to the computerization process of Cuban society, which is based on the creation of infrastructural capacities in telecommunications, which constitutes the fundamental activity of our company. This contributes to greater possibilities of access to these technologies by guaranteeing a greater bandwidth for Cuban entities.

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Cubatel S.A.

Happy Mothers Day

May, 9th, 2021 A mother is a door to life. A mother is the reason why we know the purest […]

May, 9th, 2021

A mother is a door to life. A mother is the reason why we know the purest love since childhood. A mother is the power to heal the deepest pains.

And it is also the force that drives us to be better. It is the most sublime expression of dedication. It is the wonder of a constant and unconditional company.

For all these reasons, the company Cubatel S.A. extends a congratulation to the mothers of our collective and extends it to the Cuban mothers, wishing them a nice day.

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Cubatel S.A.

Cubatel S.A. on International Workers’ Day

May, 1st, 2021 Today our collective parades in greeting to May 1st with enthusiasm and impetus, this time from the […]

May, 1st, 2021

Today our collective parades in greeting to May 1st with enthusiasm and impetus, this time from the virtual platforms.

With a deep commitment, discipline to face the adverse conditions imposed by Covid-19 and satisfaction for each step we take in contributing to the process of computerization of society, we are sure that we will return to the Revolution Square, the one that us it renews the forces when we cross it. The workers of Cubatel S.A. from their homes, they have also endorsed this celebration of workers, men and women who each day show that they are always ready for whatever is needed and from our front of action today we make latent the cry of the celebration in this 2021: ´´ United: we make Cuba´´.

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Cubatel S.A.

How to assess the approach of girls to the world of ICT?

April, 22nd, 2021 ICT … that fascinating universe that shows us closeness, often being at great distances. This is how […]

April, 22nd, 2021

ICT ... that fascinating universe that shows us closeness, often being at great distances. This is how many people value the world of interconnections, interactions, interrelationships, which is what lies behind information and communication technologies.

Since we were little, human beings are used to the various uses that man-made devices have, such as telephones. Ah !! But how interesting to learn more about the possibilities offered by these technologies, which have been on the rise in the last 40 years.

Boys and girls, from their small universe, have dreams, aspirations, interact, play assuming professional roles, sometimes predestined for gender reasons ... So, how interesting it can be that girls are more linked to professions such as telecommunications, automatic , electronics, just to name a few in which the percentage of men is still higher. Encouraging today's girls to be interested in these activities is invaluable, since it will provide society with women with greater economic independence - given the remuneration of these types of jobs compared to others-; Women will not be limited in terms of the development of their talent and it will promote a greater presence of these in the labor market, among other reasons that could be pointed out.

Showing girls the wonderful world of ICT is the way to have more empowered women in different societies.

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Cubatel .S.A.

Call to May 1st: A Living, United and Victorious Homeland

April, 13th, 2021 We workers are aware that we are facing a complex and challenging scenario, characterized by the criminal, […]

April, 13th, 2021

We workers are aware that we are facing a complex and challenging scenario, characterized by the criminal, unjustified and inhumane economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed unilaterally by the United States Government, intensified with the implementation of more than 240 new measures, to what is added the effects of a global pandemic. Both have impacted on a high contraction of the economy and the consequent shortage of the domestic market, which has caused the rise in prices and a decrease in the purchasing power of wages, as well as the paralysis or intermittence of the production processes of the campus industrial, generating a slowdown in our development programs.

On this occasion, the May Day commemoration will take place virtually, presided over by the slogan "United: We do Cuba." Its main protagonists are the workers' collectives and the communities, where the deployment of creativity and multiple popular initiatives will reflect the joy, responsibility and commitment of the union movement, together with the workers, in the decisive battle to advance our economy, and the efficiency that is demanded of it, directing the priority to the increase of food production.

See more at: www.mincom.gob.cu

With information of Granma Journal

Annual Balance of Cubatel S.A.

February, 25th, 2021 With the presence of the President of the Informatics and Communications Business Group, Ariadne Plasencia, and the […]

February, 25th, 2021

With the presence of the President of the Informatics and Communications Business Group, Ariadne Plasencia, and the Vice President of that OSDE, Amaury López, this morning it is held at our company Cubatel S.A. the Annual Work Balance, via videoconference, chaired by Leonardo Vázquez, President of the entity, along with other managers.

At the meeting, the results of the company's work during 2020 are presented and analyzed and the projections for 2021 are also announced.

Among other issues such as the development of our constructive capacity to face the new challenges that the country faces in terms of telecommunications infrastructure and the permanent search for efficiency in all our processes, the issue of the development of innovation activity in Cubatel SA, captured the attention of the audience in the middle of a debate full of suggestions for the monitoring of good practices within the entity itself and the essential support of the universities.

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25th anniversary of Cubatel S.A. this 2021

The Cuban Society for Telecommunications, Cubatel S.A. is turning 25 in 2021. Our entity is reaching its two and a […]

The Cuban Society for Telecommunications, Cubatel S.A. is turning 25 in 2021. Our entity is reaching its two and a half decades integrating technologies with ever-renewed goals.

Assuming the role of Telecommunications Infrastructure Operator - which allows us to manage our own networks and those of third parties - and associated with this the launch of a new service, already with accumulated experience in the business field, imposes new challenges on our organization. The computerization process in which Cuban society is immersed requires from Cubatel S.A. the responsibility to move firmly and safely towards the interconnection of institutions and processes in different sectors. Our workers, as in every moment of our organizational history, will respond to these needs with the effort that they place daily in carrying out each work.

The professionalism and commitment that throughout this time has characterized our work group are among our most appreciated organizational values. The support and loyalty of our clients are the key to working with increasing dedication and determination on this new anniversary.

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